Can you help me keep track of uncashed checks so I don't overdraw my bank account when paying my bills?

This would require us updating your books every time you go to write checks, which I'm sure is more than monthly. It would also require you keeping a list of checks you've written but haven't hit your bank, and supplying us with that list. We don't offer this extra service, as it would end up being costly to the client, and we want to keep things simple and affordable. 

But there is an easy solution for doing this yourself. 

  1. Keep track of each check you write. 
  2. When you go to pay your bills, review your bank account online, crossing off all checks that have cleared since you last did this exercise (last paid your bills). You will then have a list of the outstanding checks that have not hit your bank yet. 
  3. Total these up, subtract them from your current bank account balance, and you will know what your available funds are.

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