Why do you have a category called "Payment App Withdrawals"?

Using any Payment or Cash Transfer Apps for business (such as Venmo, Apple Pay or Google Pay) is tricky. We discuss the specifics in our article Why you shouldn't be using Cash Transfer Apps for business transactions. So to make the best of the situation, if we see any deposits into your business bank accounts from a Payment App, we assume it's business related and put it to Income. And for any withdrawals (which are basically a transfer of funds from your bank account to the App), we put it to Payment App Withdrawals Expense, since we don't have the detail of that withdrawal. Ideally we would have the detail, but many of these apps do not have statements, or specific details about the transactions (again, since they aren't meant for business). 

If you want us to be more specific in how we categorize these transactions, you can send us notes or statements about the specifics of the transfers, and we can try to break that out. Venmo, for instance, provides a statement if you log in through their web portal (not the app). Google Pay does as well, but it's a bit tricky. You have to go to Payment Methods, then click the word Statements listed under Google Pay Balance.

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