Why are certain transactions Non-Editable?

If you see the words Non-Editable in the Status column of a transaction, this means you cannot change it. Next to the words Non-Editable will be a letter which corresponds to one of the reasons you cannot change the transaction.


We code all cash withdrawals (ATM, bank withdrawals and cashiers checks) as Personal Distributions, and they need to stay this way. Even if you withdrew the cash from your business accounts to pay for a business expense, we can’t directly code this cash withdrawal as an expense. The IRS requires you to list the name of the person or vendor you paid, which will allow you to issue a 1099 to the recipient at year end, if necessary. So provide the details of your cash purchases using your Add Transactions sheet, which is linked in your Review Checklist.


This means the transactions occurred in a time period before you hired us to work on your bookkeeping. If you want to edit those older transactions, ask our Support team about having us go back and auditing those months.

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