How do I download and send you a list of my transactions?

If your bank statement has a closing date that does not fall on the last day of the month, we will need you to send us a list of the transactions that occurred after that closing date through the end of the month. This is so we can give you a complete set of books that include all your monthly transactions.

To get this list, log into your bank account online and pull up a list of the transactions that happened since the last statement closing date. Your banks usually call this your Recent Activity, or Transactions Since Your Last Statement. Or you can just send us a list of transactions for the entire month we are requesting, and we will figure out which happened before and after the statement close date.

You may see an option to Print the recent activity (or you can go to your browser options and choose Print). When you click print, choose to save the page as a PDF.

You also may see an option to Download or Export the recent activity. Put in the necessary dates, then save the file as a PDF or CSV.