How do I download and send you a list of my transactions?

If your bank statement has a closing date that does not fall on the last day of the month, we will need you to send us a list of the transactions that occurred after that closing date through the end of the month. This is so we can give you a complete set of books that include all your monthly transactions.

To get this list, log into your bank account online and pull up a list of the transactions that happened after the last statement closing date. You can find the closing date by referring to the bank statement. You can also just send us a list of all of the transactions for the entire month if you prefer.

If you are looking at a list of the transactions we need, you can probably go to your browser options, choose print, and save the page as a PDF. You can also try using a screenshot.

Otherwise, try finding a link to download or export your transactions. Put in the necessary dates, then save the file as a PDF or CSV.

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