Why don't you use the subaccounts feature in QuickBooks?

Using the parent and subaccount feature in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts creates two problems. First of all, the reports look messy. QuickBooks will group, indent, and subtotal each group of subaccounts. In our opinion, it makes your reports hard to read. Second of all, due to a QuickBooks export limitation, the parent account will not show up in your Transaction Detail sheet we send you each month. This can cause confusion because you won't have the full context of the account. For instance, if you have a subaccount called "Insurance", if you can't see the parent account, you won't know if we coded this under auto insurance, business insurance, etc. For these two reasons, we've chosen to instead use a naming convention in order to group all similar accounts. So the full account name will display as "Auto - Insurance", for instance. Then "Auto - Fuel", etc. This achieves the goal of grouping similar accounts while avoiding the two issues mentioned here.

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