Why should I use Merritt Bookkeeping over other bookkeepers?

Not all bookkeepers are equal. Be careful of these common pitfalls when looking to hire a professional bookkeeper:

We give to charities

We provide free bookkeeping to a number of non-profits as our way of giving back. To date we've donated thousands of dollars worth of free bookkeeping. If you know of a non-profit that could use our help, feel free to send them our way and we will try our best to help.

Don’t hire an individual.

They are typically not as reliable or accountable. We’ve had too many business owners come to us saying their last bookkeeper hasn’t sent them anything in months, or that they took another job all of a sudden. Instead, hire a dedicated bookkeeping company for outsourcing your bookkeeping so you don’t have to worry or constantly be following up.

Don’t hire a bookkeeper that bills hourly.

After all, how do you really know how much time they are spending on your account? To avoid bogus inflation, hire a company that bills based on a verifiable measurement. We charge our clients based on the number of transactions they have. Simple, predictable, and transparent.

Don’t hire a bookkeeping service that requires you to scan, mail, or take pictures of receipts.

You are busy enough running your business without needing more work to do. We don’t require you to send us receipts, since all of your transactions will be recorded on your bank and credit card statements.

Don’t hire a bookkeeper that doesn’t file your 1099s for you. 

This is the one tax filing that all professional bookkeepers should help you with, as it requires special reports directly from your books. Nobody, not even your CPA, can file your 1099s without those reports. We file 1099s for our clients.

Don’t hire a bookkeeper that requires you to be accessing QuickBooks (or any other software).

It’s the bookkeepers job, not yours, to learn, understand, and manage the software. In addition, you don’t want to have to pay for your own copy of the software. We keep our client’s files in QuickBooks, but when we send them their reports, they are in easy-to-read and familiar PDF and spreadsheet formats.

Don’t hire a bookkeeper that doesn’t even use QuickBooks.

Many other companies, in an effort to cut costs, use their own unique bookkeeping software they’ve developed. This can be problematic for you, because if you ever decide to leave that company, you don’t have a bookkeeping file to take with you, only a report with balances as of a certain date. This means you lose all of your historical data. Since we are using QuickBooks, you always have a QuickBooks file to take with you if you ever decide to discontinue our services.

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