Reviewing your Transaction Detail For 1099 Purposes

Before we prepare your 1099 reports, we want to make certain that you’ve reviewed last year’s bookkeeping.

We highly recommend going through the entire How To Review Your Transaction Detail instructions. But especially for purposes of getting the 1099 info correct, we wanted to highlight the following instructions:

Filter your transactions to show only those with check #s (1099-able transactions):
  1. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the column header “Check #”.
  2. Remove the checkbox next to the word “(Blanks)”.
  3. Click “OK”.

Review this list of checks and bill pays for accuracy.

Filter specifically for any missing check data.
  1. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the column header “Account”.
  2. Next to the word “Filter”, click the “Clear” hyperlink.
  3. Scroll through the alphabetical list, looking for the words “No Check Image”.
  4. If you don’t see it, you aren’t missing any check data.
  5. If you do see it, select it and click “Ok”. Please provide the following information:
    1. The date the check was written.
    2. Whom the check was written to.
    3. What it was for (the account).

To undo the filters:
  1. Click the green symbol (used to be a blue arrow) to the right of the column header you want to unfilter.
  2. Next to the word “Filter”, click the “Select All” hyperlink.
  3. Click “OK”.

In addition to reviewing the existing transactions, make sure you’ve also filled out the Add Transactions link in your Dashboard for any business purchases made with cash or personal funds. If any of these purchases will affect your 1099 data, we want to be sure to include them.

Let us know if you have any questions that aren’t answered in the instruction guide.

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