Why aren't my insurance expenses split out between the different types?

<This article refers to using your Transaction Detail sheet which is linked in your Dashboard.>

Without having you send us your insurance statements (which is more work than we want you to do), we don't know how a payment to State Farm, for instance, breaks out between Auto and Worker's Comp insurance. So if you see a transaction coded to “Insurance”, please update the account to let us know what type of insurance this was.

Examples of deductible insurances are:

  • Employee Health (in certain cases)
  • Workers Comp
  • Professional Liability
  • Auto Insurance for business car

Examples of non-deductible insurances include:

  • Life
  • Disability
  • Homeowners
  • Umbrella policies

Often times a single insurance payment will encompass multiple types of insurance. If you’ve paid for a non-deductible insurance and we’ve included it in your Insurance expense account, or you want to split out the detail, create a Split (covered in this article).

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