Why are the checks I've written coded to "No Check Image"?

<This article refers to using your Transaction Detail sheet which is linked in your Dashboard.>

We code checks to this section if we are not able to view the check image on your bank statements. Therefore we need you to tell us:

  1. The date the check was written.
  2. The check # (if it’s not already there)
  3. Whom the check was written to.
  4. What it was for (the account).

If you have the above information, but would prefer not to have to type it all into the Transaction Detail, just send the check images to Support@MerrittBookkeeping.com requesting that we update the details for you. We won’t charge for this.

If your bank allows you to set us up with restricted online access to your accounts, that should enable us to view the check images online. Here’s how to set that up.

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