Changing the view to make it easier to review and analyze the data

<This article refers to using your Transaction Detail sheet which is linked in your Dashboard.>

The Transaction Detail sheet is a unique feature of our business. Along with making edits very easy, it allows you to easily view your transaction information in meaningful ways by sort, filter, or find functions (explained below). 

For instance, if you want to know how much you paid a particular vendor last year, sort the sheet by Date, then filter the “Name” column to just display that particular Vendor.

To sort your transactions:

  1. Click on the blue arrow next to the column header you want to sort by.
  2. Select “A-Z”.

To filter your transactions:

  1. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the column header you want to filter by.
  2. Next to the word “Filter”, click the “Clear” hyperlink.
  3. Select the specific criteria you want to include in the filter.
  4. Click “Ok”.
  5. When you are done filtering, go back into the filter and click “Select all”.

To obtain a transaction Total:

  1. Highlight all of the amounts you are interested in.
  2. Look at the bottom right of the sheet to see the Sum total.

To find a transaction:

  1. Go to Edit > Find And Replace.
  2. Type anything into the “Find” field, whether it be a name, an amount, etc.
  3. Click “Find” to find the transaction.

To Export this report:

  1. Go to File > Download As > Microsoft Excel.

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