Things you should never change in your Transaction Detail sheet

<This article refers to using your Transaction Detail sheet which is linked in your Dashboard.>

  1. Any information in a gray cell.
  2. Dates, as these come directly from your bank statements. An exception is when you are updating the date of a check to be the date the check was written rather than when it cleared the bank.
  3. Amounts, as these come directly from your bank statements (an exception is if you replace the amount with the word “Split”, as per the “Create A Split” instructions below)
  4. The Account column if it has a bank or credit card listed, as this just represents a transfer of funds between two accounts.
  5. Any transactions from years where you have already filed your tax return. For instance, if you’ve already filed your 2013 taxes, do not edit any transactions from 2013 or prior.
  6. Transactions that say Non-Editable. This means the transactions occurred in a time period before we took responsibility for the books. In most cases, we will not have entered these transactions, they will have already been in your QuickBooks file when we took it over. Once in a while, a check you wrote will clear your bank in January, but the date of the check was the prior year, where we weren't doing your books. Don't worry that you cannot edit this transaction, as you should have already included it in your previous year's books and taxes. So the account categorization doesn't matter.

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