Using your ADD TRANSACTIONS sheet to notify us of transactions paid for or received in cash, Cash Transfer Apps, or personal funds.

There are certain business transactions that won’t show up on your business bank and credit card accounts. So we therefore need you to list them in your Add Transactions sheet so we can add them to your books. These include income and expenses paid with or received in:

  • Cash
    • We need to know the specifics of any transactions you paid for or received in cash, including Cashier’s Checks. This includes the Name, Date, and exact Amount. Even if you withdrew the cash from your business accounts, we can’t code that withdrawal directly to the expense account, because that withdrawal wasn’t the transaction itself. For these transactions, put a Yes in the Cash/Check? column.
  • Cash Transfer Apps
    • Cash Transfer Apps (such as Venmo, Apple Pay, or Google Pay) are treated the same as cash. So you need to provide us with the details of the transactions, including the Name, Date, and exact Amount. Even if the cash transfer app is linked to your business accounts, the transfer of cash in and out of your accounts just represents a cash contribution or distribution. So go into your payment app, pull up a list of your activity, and add any business related income or expenses to the sheet. For these transactions, put a Yes in the Cash/Check? column. (See our Why you shouldn't be using Cash Transfer Apps for business transactions help article for a further explanation).
  • Personal banks or credit cards
    • If you paid for expenses or received income using your personal checking accounts or credit cards, you need to provide the details of those transactions to us so we can include them in your business books. Put a Yes in the Cash/Check? column if the transaction was paid for with a check or cash.

If there are multiple owners of your company, use the Which Owner column to let us know who paid for or received these transactions.

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