How we record transactions paid for or received in cash, Cash Transfer Apps, or personal funds.

We automatically record all your transactions that show up in your business bank and credit card accounts. But there are certain business transactions we won’t see, and therefore require you to notify us of them. These include income and expenses paid with or received in:

  • Cash
  • Cash Transfer Apps (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo)
  • Personal banks or credit cards

Use the sheet we’ve provided to enter the details of these business transactions so we can add them to your books. 

For Cash Transfer Apps, go into your payment app, pull up a list of your activity, and add any business related income or expenses to the sheet.

Put a Yes in the Cash/Check? column if the transaction was paid for with cash or a Cash Transfer App. This is so we can issue a 1099 at year end, if necessary.

You can bookmark this sheet and enter these transactions at any time.

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