Can you send me a report other than those in the monthly summary reports (such as a General Ledger)?

If you are an accountant, and have a copy of QuickBooks, the best way to do this is to download the client's QuickBooks file from the link in their Dashboard. You can then run any reports you need. Please keep in mind that no changes made to this file will be recorded on our end, so if you have adjustments to the books that you want made, please email them to us, or use the Transaction Detail link in the client's Dashboard. If you do use the Transaction Detail link, we will implement the changes the next time we update the books. Or you can email requesting an immediate update.

If you don't have a copy of QuickBooks, or would simply like us to run these reports for you, no problem. Just email and we will be happy to do so. If you are our client requesting this report, make sure to let us know if you only need that report one time, or you would like us to send it to you each month.

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