Do I need to do anything before giving my books to my CPA? What information do I need to provide my CPA with?

You never need to request “year end” or “tax ready” financials from us. The reports we provide each month are already good to go. Simply share your Dashboard link with your CPA, so they can retrieve the information they need to file your taxes.

Once you receive your reports in February, if you are not already reviewing your reports monthly, we highly recommend thoroughly reviewing the previous years’ Transaction Detail (located in your Dashboard). One especially important thing to look for is to make sure all the checks you wrote in that year have cleared the bank. If not, let us know by emailing a list of them to and we will add them to your books.

We encourage you to use the systems we've created to review, and if necessary, edit your transaction details with your CPA. The ability to easily do this should make your tax meeting much more valuable. If, however, you just made some edits to your transactions, those edits won’t yet be reflected in your financials until we do your books the following month. But we understand that our clients want to file their taxes on time. So simply email asking for your edits to be implemented right away, and we will accommodate.

Your CPA might also request certain year-end documents from you, like payroll reports, sales tax reports, etc. As mentioned in the Services We Don't Provide article, there are many parts of your business that we do not participate in (such as Accounts Receivable, Payroll, etc.). Therefore we do not have access to the information or balances in these systems in order to reflect them on your Financial Statements. The information we have for you is only what is on your bank statements. So be sure to provide any additional information (such as certain balances, backup, or additional financial items) to your CPA so they can make any necessary adjustments at tax time. 

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