A brief overview of our service

Merritt Bookkeeping promises to be an extremely easy and affordable bookkeeping solution for your small business. We offer a basic bookkeeping service to our clients for two very important reasons; keeping costs as low as possible, and requiring as little work from the client as possible.

We will update your books every month with the most recent business activity from the accounts that you have given us access to, and then send you your detailed Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet).

We use our best judgement when coding your transactions, but we still recommend that you review our work. We’ve created a system to make this process very easy, and to allow you to make any changes if necessary. (See the “Transaction Detail” link in your Dashboard)

Just like any bookkeeper, we are not a substitute for a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), but a compliment. We get your books to a certain degree of completeness, and at tax time they pick up where we leave off, making any necessary tax adjustments. Whereas we are mainly just sorting your transactions, your CPA should be utilized for the higher level accounting and consulting functions.

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