Why aren't certain transactions showing up on my reports?

Below are 2 possible explanations:

It's a check that you wrote that hasn't been cashed.

The checks you write will only show up as an expense once they clear the bank, because we won't be able to see the check until it shows up on your bank statement. When we record this check on your books, we will record it as of the date it was written, not the date cleared.

So if you’ve written a check that you don’t see showing up on your reports, it's likely the recipient hasn’t yet cashed it.

You have bank statements that close before the end of the month.

If your bank statement does not end on the last day of the month, transactions between the closing date and the end of the month will not appear on your reports until the next time we update your books.

For example, if your bank statement ends on June 20th, and when you receive your June financial reports you are wondering why the deposit you made on June 25th is not showing up on your reports, it's because we haven't yet entered the transactions on the bank statement with the dates June 21 - July 20. When the statement is made available after July 20th, that deposit in question will then be reflected in your books.

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