Will you file my 1099s for me?

Yes, that is the only tax filing we actually take on for you.

Each year, your company is required to issue 1099 to any subcontractors (non-employees) whom you’ve paid more than $600 to by CASH OR CHECK for services provided in the previous year. We would be happy to provide this service to you at an additional cost. The cost of preparing the reports that you need to review is $75. If it turns out you have 1099s that need to be filed, we will then do so for $8 per form. So for example, if you have two 1099s to be issued, you will be charged a total of $91. If you would rather file these forms yourself, no problem, just follow these instructions we created.

Once your December bookkeeping is done, we will send you an email request asking if you’d like us to file your 1099s. Keep an eye out for that email most likely in January. In the meantime, make sure you have a signed W-9 form for anyone you think might qualify for 1099. Do not send me the form, as we will request this information from you when necessary.

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